build quality

Chalet Roof

All of our buildings, whether they are parkhomes, mobiles or static caravans are made to the best standards.
The structure of a building is everything, that is why we do not scrimp on materials, we source the very best. The sizes of timbers used would equal any timber framed house or home. The insulation used is also second to none, 80mm of celotex under the 20mm thick solid oak floorboards, 80mm of celotex in all the outside walls, 100mm of rockwool in the ceiling area.

From the chassis up to the ridge of the roof we excel in quality, you will not find a better structure in any other building in the same category guareteed.From the 200mmx100mm chassis rails to the 45mmthick log cladding on top of a 90mm timber frame to the 150mmx50mm roof purlins.

These buildings are made to last all the external timbers are tanalised with the exception of the doors and frames winch are hardwood, all windows double glazed,we offer a 15 year guarantee to all structural defects, but expect a much longer life.
As the manufacturer of these chalets/cabins/lodges we can safely say if you are looking for a solid, warm, strong homely dwelling that you can help design then look no further. Take a look at some of our testimonials and see for yourself. On top of all this we have very competitive prices and we can also offer a payment plan. Terms apply and conditions apply.